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Modern C++: Beginner to Practitioner (includes C++ 20) Coupon

[-0% Off] Modern C++: Beginner to Practitioner (includes C++ 20) Course Coupon

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C++11 to C++20, Fundamentals, Classes, Pointers, STL, Templates, Concepts, Ranges, Containers, Iterators, Concurrency

13.5 hr
20$ 19.99$
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Unlock the power of C++ with this comprehensive course, curated for beginners and those seeking a refresher. By the end of this journey, you'll be armed with the knowledge to write meaningful C++ programs and a passion for further exploration.

This course is designed to be a concise yet comprehensive tour. While it's not exhaustive, it's an ideal starting point for anyone interested in C++ programming. You'll have the tools and confidence to embark on more advanced topics and projects by the end. Join us, and let's begin this exciting journey together!

Why learn C++ or CPP?

CPP holds a distinct position in programming languages due to its unparalleled blend of performance, versatility, and object-oriented capabilities. Learning CPP equips developers with a deep understanding of computer architecture, memory management, and advanced software design patterns. Furthermore, its foundational role in developing many modern languages and systems means that CPP knowledge often translates to a more intuitive grasp of other technologies. Whether for high-performance applications, game development, embedded systems, or system software, CPP expertise can significantly broaden a developer's horizons, enhance problem-solving skills, and open doors to various career opportunities in the tech industry.

The Renaissance of Modern C++: Quality, Safety, and Cost-Efficiency (C++11 to C++20) 

Modern C++ has evolved beyond mere language extensions, emerging as a transformative force emphasizing safety, expressiveness, and versatility. Offering features like smart pointers, range-based loops, and type inference encourages developers to transition from traditional C-style hacks—often riddled with errors leading to runtime crashes and vulnerabilities—to contemporary, more predictable coding practices. This shift is not merely aesthetic; it's an economic imperative. Inferior software can incur hefty remediation costs, jeopardize user trust, and even lead to revenue losses. Adopting modern C++ is not just about staying updated; it's a strategic move towards producing resilient software that protects brand reputation and the bottom line.

Why doesn't the course target interview-style learning with quick hacks and deprecated C-Style features that still work?

Adopting a mindset centered on long-term career growth is essential in today's unpredictable job market, marked by unexpected layoffs and rapid shifts. Learners who approach their studies with genuine curiosity and commitment are equipping themselves with knowledge and deeply understanding of the underlying principles and concepts. They aim to fathom the "what," "why," and "how" of their subject, ensuring that their expertise remains relevant and adaptable across diverse real-world challenges. For instance, in the aftermath of a significant economic downturn, professionals with a deep-rooted understanding are more likely to navigate job transitions seamlessly. At the same time, those who've solely relied on memorization for short-term objectives, like clearing an interview, may find themselves ill-equipped to adapt. Such surface-level preparation might help achieve immediate goals but can compromise long-term career prospects and performance in dynamic work environments. This course encourages learners to embrace the former, holistic approach, preparing them for sustained success.

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