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Minitab A-Z: Certified Data Analyst With Minitab, Accredited Coupon

[82% Off] Minitab A-Z: Certified Data Analyst With Minitab, Accredited Course Coupon

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Minitab 21 | Beginner To Advanced Minitab Certification | Minitab Data Analysis | Accredited | 100K+ certified | ASQ +

6.0 hr
15$ 84.99$
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Note: Extra optional certification by SSAA is an option for our students. Students can use Minitab for free for 30 days as a trial.

Lean Six Sigma Data Analysis With Minitab 20 (other versions are perfectly useful as well) | BKO Accredited

The Minitab software intended for quantitative analysis of data. Minitab is comparable to programs like SPSS, R and Stata. Minitab is quite user friendly and very powerful. Minitab is widely used in universities, hospitals, IT companies, banks and manufacturing companies to analyze data. It is very popular among practitioners of Lean Six Sigma.

In this Minitab training course, we will also explain you the theory. You will not just learn how to press buttons in Minitab. This course starts at the bottom and gradually makes you an expert. No prior experience is needed. You will also be explained what the analyses below entail in separate, easy to understand sections. This is what we are going to learn:

  • Basic and advanced statistics with Minitab

    • Standard deviation

    • Interquartile range

    • Confidence interval

  • Hypothesis testing (comparing groups) with Minitab

    • 1 way ANOVA

    • Chi square test of association

    • Two sample T test

    • Mann Whitney U test

    • Kruskal Wallis test

  • 1 Sample hypothesis testing with Minitab

    • Chi square goodness of fit

    • 1 sample sign test

    • 1 sample Wilcoxon

    • 1 sample T test

  • Graphs with Minitab

    • Box plot (box and whisker)

    • Line graph

    • Scatter plot

    • Bar chart

    • Pareto chart

    • Pie chart

  • Correlation with Minitab

    • Spearman rank

    • Pearson

  • Regression with Minitab

    • Single

    • Multiple

We have trained and certified over 100,000 students across the world and we are known for the teaching method which is effective and will make you understand the theory quickly and with minimal effort. We hope to welcome you on board. Thanks for considering us.

Six Sigma Academy Amsterdam [SSAA]

SSAA was set up by a number of university lecturers from Holland as an alternative to offline education at universities. When we set it up, the goal was to:

  • Offer the same quality BKO/BKE accredited (globally accepted) education as in Dutch universities by basing it on Dutch higher education BKO/BKE standards. We have certified 100,000+ students in 170+ countries based on those standards.

  • Make the training and certification program extremely efficient. We do not have any 'stuffing.' We do not needlessly repeat. We use effective examples so you understand concepts the first time, without the need to repeat. That is why our Minitab training is relatively short and respects your time.  

  • Make the training and certification affordable.   

Team SSAA (Six Sigma Academy Amsterdam)

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