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Microsoft Word Course for Beginners 2021 || GET CERTIFICATE Coupon
Office Productivity

[79% Off] Microsoft Word Course for Beginners 2021 || GET CERTIFICATE Course Coupon

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master each and every tool of ms work and learn how to create professional documents in ms word.

2.5 hr
50$ 94.99$
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Welcome everyone to complete the Microsoft word course. My name is Anwer Khan and I will be your instructor throughout this course.

Now, this is a complete course about MS Word in which I will talk straight to the point and cover every necessary and important thing in less time.

First of all, in this course, We will master the home tab we will cover everything in the home tab such as fonts, paragraphs styles, bullet points and multi-listing and much more. Next, we will dive into the insert tab. In the Insert tab, we will cover everything like bookmarks, hyperlinks, charts and how to insert pictures and I will also show you how to create different shapes. Once we are done with the insert tab we will cover the design and layout tab. We will learn about colours and gradients and how to format documents. And how to add a watermark. Next, we will jump into the reference and mailing tab, here we will learn how to create table and indexes and how to add captions and we will also learn how to send mails to thousands of employees all at once. And we will also learn all other stuff such as the review and view tab and how to secure our documents and print it out.

Once you complete this course I am sure you will learn everything which is necessary to create professional documents in MS Word. you will feel comfortable using ms word.

So, I hope to see you in this course.

Thank you.

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