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Duration: 2.5 hours

Learn step by step Microsoft Windows 10 and Microsoft Word 2016

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2 courses in 1 course! No theory only practical based tutorial series

Course Summary

I have designed this course with full practical based tutorials that will help you to learn step by step

1. Microsoft Windows 10

2. Microsoft Word 2016

So the course will guide you to be able to handle Microsoft Windows 10 effectively and Microsoft Word 2016 efficiently

After successful completion of this course, you will

1. Receive a Certificate

2. Get competitive position to get a job

3.  Be able to prepare projects for your education

The course covers the practical work of following outline

01. Introduction to Windows 10 Desktop

02. How to Check Basic Information of PC

03. Manipulating Windows 10 Desktop

04. Windows 10 Applications and Desktop

05. Windows 10 File Explorer

06. Folder Manipulation in Windows 10

07. File Manipulation in Windows 10

08. File Compression and Decompression Process in Windows 10

09. Introduction to Microsoft Word 2016

10. Start Microsoft Word 2016 with a blank document

11. Create document in Microsoft Word 2016 with template

12. Manipulating text in Microsoft Word 2016 document

13. Text formatting in Microsoft Word 2016 document

14. Paragraph Formatting Process in Microsoft Office 2016 document

15. Design Themes in Microsoft Word 2016

16. Create and Design Table in Microsoft Word 2016

17. How to use Styles in Microsoft Word 2016

18. Functions of View menu in Microsoft Word 2016

19. Insert Menu Functions in Microsoft Word 2016

20. Find and Replace function in Microsoft Word 2016

21. Mail Merge in Microsoft Word 2016

Best of luck!

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