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Microsoft Excel & Charting for Indian Students Coupon
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[25% Off] Microsoft Excel & Charting for Indian Students Course Coupon

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Duration: 3.5 hours

Entry level course on Microsoft Excel spanning into more than three hours

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Free of unnecessary expansion and dramatization, this course gives you knowledge on the core functionality of Excel. If you are a new bee to Excel, this course is just for you.

After taking the course you shall be learning :

(a) Excel Environment ,
(b) Excel Short-cut Keys ,
(c) Naming of a Cell or Range of Cells,
(d) Absolute reference and relative reference ,
(e) Formatting of a Cell or a range of cells
(f) Excel Formatting tips for aesthetic presentation
(g)  Excel Operators,
(h) Date arithmetic with Excel,
(i) Working with Excel tables,
(j)  Auditing an Excel Spreadsheet,
(k)  Sorting and Sub-totaling of Data,
(l) Excel functions, mostly used functions only
(m)  Virtual lookup and nested if
(n) Circular reference
(o)  4 levels of protection in Excel
(p) Excel data validation
(q)  Picture Graphs
(r)  Other powerful graphs

There is a large downloadable Excel file associated with it, and can be used for practice.

If you are new bee you must first download the file and visit all the worksheets.
You should be able to connect the topics with the name of the worksheet intuitively.
Then you start taking the lesson keeping the Excel file opened in another tab.
This way you can learn the most.

Other exercises are also provided.

If you cannot understand a particular part revisit the lesson video again and then check it with the downloaded file.

The more you spread a spreadsheet, the better.
View it in full screen mode in Desktop, Laptop, Ipad or tablets.
Small screen mobile phones are not very good to view this course.

Happy learning !

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