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Duration: 1.0 hours

Learn Best Excel Skills in One Hour

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This is a great course for someone who is just starting in Excel. It will boost learner's confidence and ability in excel skills. The course will focus on:

- How to open, name, and save an excel file.

- Excel Interface: sheet layout and organization.

- Borders and Sheet Format.

- Merging Cells: how to merge multiple cells

- Sort & Filter: how to sort texts from A to Z or Z to A; and how to sort numbers from largest to smallest or smallest to largest.

- Find & Select: how to search a sheet to find a specific text or number

- Replace: how to find a target and replace it with another input.

- Sum, Average, and Count: calculate the sum, average, and count for a set of numbers

- Minimum and Maximum: find the minimum and maximum within a set of numbers

- IF Statements: how to use the IF Statements function to make conditional arguments.

- Dropdown Lists: how to create a dropdown list

- VLOOKUP: how to use the VLOOKUP to extract some data from a data range/table.

- Bar Chart: how to create a bar chart

- Pie Chart: how to create a pie chart

- Chart Formatting: how to format a chart

- Pivot Tables: how to use Pivot Tables to summarize and analyse large data.

- Pivot Tables Formatting: how to format a Pivot Table.

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