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Micro-Pod and Home Education Schooling Coupon
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[25% Off] Micro-Pod and Home Education Schooling Course Coupon

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3.0 hr
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The micro-pod system emerged after the covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and has increased in thousands of homes worldwide. The result is a child-centred curriculum, enhanced social skills, small class sizes, and quality teaching.

Our Micro-pod and Home Education Course will assist you in gaining knowledge or expanding on your existing knowledge when educating your children from home. This intensively researched program will answer most if not all of your questions regarding home education and setting up a mini pod school.

It is understood that all children are different therefore our diploma offers an option of micro-pod schooling. This type of schooling provides a home-from-home learning environment with a small number of kids learning in a garden pod or small space at home.

This course covers topics on benefits, statistics, how to create a micro-pod school, how to earn money from a micro-pod school, parent education, running a home and home education, planning a curriculum, national curriculum, teaching methods like Socratic dialogue, Steiner Waldorf method, Montessori methods and, project-based learning. You will also learn about teaching philosophies like idealism, realism, pragmatism, and existentialism.

Personal experience of home-educating parents and micro-pod tutors have played an extensive role in the creation of this program to ensure that questions may be answered while one contemplates this daunting but fulfilling journey. We aim to inspire and empower individuals.

Benefits of Micro-learning Pods and Home Education:

Small class sizes with a bespoke curriculum.

Child-centred timetable and educational experience.

Flexible schooling.

Children can shine more easily in small groups making way for confidence.

Kids can stay motivated for longer as they learn in a way that pleases them.

Use of technology.

A research-based approach to learning.

Learning can be based on the family ethos and philosophy.

Outdoor education can be easily incorporated.

Low-stress levels.

Enhances confidence and self-esteem in children.

Who should study this course?

This course has been designed not only for parents who wish to home-educate their children full-time but also for parents and teachers who educate children after school hours. Our diploma is an excellent resource for parents who educate their children at home. It is ideal for every parent with children whether their children attend traditional schooling or not.

'What can I say? As a parent who educates two children at home, all I could ever need was found in this program. I was so lucky to stumble upon this. Thank you so much. There was so much information that I am now thinking of starting my very own learning pod so that I can work from home whilst educating my children.' Loulou.


Module 1: Home Schooling

1. Introduction

2. Home Schooling

3. History of Home Schooling

4. Assessment

Module 2: Micro-Pods Schooling

1. Definition

2. History of School Pods

3. Benefits of Micro-Pods

4. Different Types of Micro-Pods

5. Micro-Pods Statistics

6. How to create a Micro-Pod School

7. Assessment

Module 3: A Transition

1. Making the Decision

2. De-registering from the main school

3. Parent Education

4. Learning Coach

5. Running a Home and Home Education

6. Assessment

Module 4: Planning a Curriculum

1. How to Make a TimeTable

2. Lesson plans

3. Deciding on subjects

4. Homeschooling/Micro-pod schooling and the National Curriculum

5. Assessment

Module 5: Home School Teaching Methods

1. Identifying a Method

2. Socratic Dialogue

3. Project-Based Learning

4. E-Learning

5. Independent Learning

6. Forest School

7. Steiner Waldorf Method

8. Montessori Method

9. Assessment

Module 6: Teaching Philosophies

1. Why Teaching Philosophies Matter

2. Idealism

3. Realism

4. Pragmatism

5. Existentialism

6. Structure and Repetition

7. Believe in the Student

8. Tools and Resources

9. Objectives and Feedback

10. Good Teaching Qualities

11. Assessments

Module 7: Challenges of Home Schooling

1. Commitment

2. Finance

3. Lack of Experience

4. Socialization

5. Qualification Difficulties

6. Stress

7. Home School versus Tradition Mainstream

8. Assessment

Module 8: Home School and Learning Difficulties

1. Home School and EHCP

2. Help from the Local Authority

3. Assessment

Module 9: Qualifications

1. Exam practice

2. Making a university application

3. Examination Centres

4. Assessment


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