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Duration: 3.0 hours

The Fast-Track Guide to The Metaverse

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In this course you will learn what Metaverse is, how it works, who is creating it, how you can use it and how you can profit from it.

While the Metaverse and it’s development is still in its infancy, there’s certainly a lot to look forward to and a lot of opportunities available. In the new world of self-driving cars, high-speed internet, blockchain technology, augmented reality and haptic gloves, science fiction is now becoming a reality. As giants like Facebook, Microsoft and Apple join the fold and invest millions of dollars into their Meta ambitions, it’s inevitable that this trend will become intertwined into our lives just like we have seen with smartphones and social media.

The Metaverse is growing and has been growing for quite some time. The first layer the creation of games the second layer was the development of 3d immersive experiences, or virtual reality. The 4th layer was the introduction of the internet to connect users. The next layer was the blockchain, an immutable database for storing information that arose in tandem with the growth of cryptocurrencies. The latest developments are NFTs which offer the ability to tokenize assets and the the implementation of web 3.0.

This course will teach you:

  • What the Metaverse Is

  • Commercial Applications of The Metaverse

  • Challenges with the Metaverse

  • Web 3.0

  • Metaverse Hardware

  • How To Choose An NFT Marketplace

  • How to Pofit from the Metaverse

  • Investing in the Metaverse

  • Flipping Assets in the Metaverse

  • Metaverse Opportunities

Start your Metaverse journey now.

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