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Test your skills and perform better on the MB-910 exam.

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If you are looking to test your skills because you are not sure if you are ready for the official MB-910 exam.

I have prepared MB-910 practice tests in the latest exam references to give you the chance to perform better when taking the official exam.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (CRM) Exam MB-910 measures your ability to describe concepts, including Dynamics 365 Marketing; Dynamics 365 sales; Dynamics 365 Customer Service; Dynamics 365 Field Service; Project operations; and shared resources. This exam covers the features and capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Who should take the exam?

Candidates planning to take the exam must have general knowledge or relevant work experience in an Information Technology (IT) environment. They must also have a fundamental understanding of the principles of customer engagement and business operations.

Measured Skills:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (CRM) Exam MB-910 covers the following topics -

Module 1 - Describe Dynamics 365 Marketing (10-15%)

Module 2 - Describe Dynamics 365 Sales (15-20%)

Module 3 - Describe Dynamics 365 Customer Service (15-20%)

Module 4 - Describe Dynamics 365 Field Service (15-20%)

Module 5 - Describe project operations (15-20%)

Module 6 - Describe Shared Resources (15-20%)


This is an unofficial practice test, you understand that we are not affiliated with Microsoft, do not own or claim any ownership of any of the Marks.

    These practice tests are for educational purposes only.

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