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Trigonometry applications in Matlab,Geometry,Calculus,A Level, College Math,SAT,ACT,Grad Entry Exam,GRE,GMAT Test Prep
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Pagadala Kishore Reddy
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[100% Off] Calculus-Become a Trigonometry Master Udemy Coupon

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This course is useful to College and University level students to revise important high school level Trigonometric Concepts .

Math is important for any grade students.

Trigonometry used in Algebra 1,Algebra 2,Geometry,Calculus and Physics.

For many Tests like SAT,ACT,GRE and GMAT also it is compulsory  to study Trigonometry topic to get good score.This course contains 15 lectures.

This Math course contains,

  • Definition of Trigonometry,
  • Trigonometric Concepts,
  • Trigonometric Ratios,
  • Explained the functions Sin,Cos,Tan,Cot,Sec,Cosec,
  • Six trigonometric ratios with explanation,
  • List of formulae,
  • FX learning,
  • Base of triangle with respect to angle,
  • Opposite side of triangle with respect to angle.

All above concepts are explained.Important concepts are explained with diagrams.

This course is useful for high school students.And any student can enroll in this course to learn important concepts of Trigonometry.

After completing this course,you can understand the definition of Trigonometry,

Sin function ratio,

Cos function ratio,

Tan function ratio,

Cot function ratio,

Sec function ratio,

Cosec function ratio,

Base of triangle with respect to angle,

Opposite side of triangle with respect to angle.

This course has few quiz questions and solved example problems.

Thank you.

Instructors: Pagadala Kishore Reddy

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