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Mastering NFTs - creating, selling, collecting & gaming Coupon
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[81% Off] Mastering NFTs - creating, selling, collecting & gaming Course Coupon

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Learn everything about NFTs

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The world of NFTs and digital art is revolutionizing the world and captivating more and more artists, gamers and investors. NFTs give artists the power to share in the success of their work, even in the long term.

However, NFTs can be little confusing. What are they? Why is everyone talking about them? What do they do? What's the technology behind them? And, can I make money with them, too?

These are all questions I want to answer with you in this NFT course. My goal is to help you understand NFTs as part of a new art world and beyond.

After this course, you will have gained a basic understanding of the world of NFTs and be familiar with how NFTs work and the associated vocabulary.

The most important aspects you will learn about are:

- What are NFTs?

- What is the technology behind them?

- Why do I need a cryptocurrency and where can I get one?

- How have NFTs evolved?

- What are the opportunities to make money with NFTs?

...and much more!

This course will help you quickly master the key ideas and topics around NFTs without being overwhelmed. A calm and well-structured approach will guide you through the learning process.

I look forward to seeing you in this course!

- Sarah

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