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A methodical approach to all new features, plugins and updates. Analysis, reviews and a guide to Cubase 10
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Federico Soler Fernández
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[100% Off] Mastering Cubase 10: Deconstructing the Update Udemy Coupon

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The Mastering Cubase Series is dedicated to one of the most popular and powerful DAWs available today.

Join me to learn EVERYTHING you need to get your projects up and running fast with these in-depth Cubase 10 video tutorials.

Introducing now the 6th Edition of the Mastering Cubase Series. Wow! A big THANK YOU to all of our previous students! And a bigger WELCOME to those to come 🙂

The first Edition was dedicated to the installation, configuration and overall study of the menus, bars, tools, and commands within Cubase.

Then, we used all of our newly acquired knowledge to craft some awesome Deep House tracks during the second Edition of the Series.

After that, it was time to actually dive in a bit further into the theory and practice behind the mixing and production plugins Cubase has to offer.

On the next release, we wanted to learn about production! We wanted to look at synthesizers and learn more about MIDI to make our tracks sound real, professional and finished!

Then, you were presented with a powerful complementary course to answer all the most common question a Cubase user might have.

Today, you’ll learn all about the new plugin interfaces in Cubase 10, the new menus and functions, updates, additions and more!

You’ll study the Channel Latency Monitor, VariAudio 3, the Audio Alignment function, the new Distroyer plugin, Groove Agent SE 5, MixConsole Snapshots and many new interesting features that make Cubase 10 such a powerful release.

Want to get going with Cubase 10? Watch Mastering Cubase 10: Deconstructing the Update today!

Happy Learning 🙂

Instructors: Federico Soler Fernández

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