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Mastering Azure Virtual Desktop (WVD - Advanced Training) Coupon
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[-0% Off] Mastering Azure Virtual Desktop (WVD - Advanced Training) Course Coupon

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Deliver a full AVD remote working solution including designing, scoping, planning, optimizing, sizing, and costing, more

4.5 hr
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Here's what you will learn in this AZ-140 Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) Course

Introduction and Quick Start

  • What is Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (Introduction)

  • Highlight business needs and use case scenarios

  • Explore Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop formerly (Windows Virtual Desktop) benefits

  • Understand Azure Virtual Desktop Pricing and Estimate the Cost using Azure Pricing Calculator

  • Understanding Azure Virtual Desktop Licenses requirement and covered by Microsoft 365 License

Infrastructure Preparation and AVD Prerequisites.

  • Deploy and Configure Azure Infra (Subscription, vNETs, sNETs, and NSGs)

  • Implement Virtual Network Peering and routing between vNETS

  • Implement and Configure Azure Storage for AVD

  • Deploy new Azure VM for Active Directory in Azure

  • Configure a Custom Domain for Azure AD

Azure Virtual Desktop Creation with different Authentication Methods

  • Option 1: Create a host pool with Active Directory Domain Services

  • Option 2: Create a host pool with Azure AD Joined-VM

Azure Virtual Desktop Golden image Customization

  • Create a Virtual Machine for Master Image

  • Install Microsoft Teams on AVD

  • Customize windows Configurations and settings

  • Configure Windows Defender extension exclusions

  • Install Line-of-business Applications - Sample

Azure Virtual Desktop Provisioning and Deployment

  • Provision File Share for Profile Storage

  • Create an Azure Compute Galleries

  • Applying FSLogix Best Practice as a profile delivery solution

  • Perform a Windows Virtual Desktop Deployment

  • Provision Azure Virtual Desktop Host pool

  • Provision Azure Virtual Desktop Application Group

  • Provision Virtual desktops for Windows 10 and 11

  • Customize Desktop and remote Apps properties

  • Configure redirection from Custom DNS Name

  • Assign relevant permissions to users.

Azure Virtual Desktop - Pricing and Cost Estimation

  • AVD Cost Estimation - Customer Use Case Overview

  • Deep dive into AVD Cost Estimation - Multi-session vs. Single-session

  • How to Use Azure Calculator to Estimate Cost for Azure Virtual Desktop

Soon - Azure Virtual Desktop Optimization

  • Optimize your images with the Virtual Desktop Optimization tool

  • Create and Configure AVD Auto-scaling using Azure Automation

Soon - Azure Infrastructure tuning and additional services configuration.

  • Enable and Configure Azure Network security and Azure Security

  • Enable and Configuration log Analytic and Reporting

  • Enable and Configure Azure Backup

  • Set up service alerts

Extra and More Cool Stuff...

WARNING: You may have to go back and watch several of the videos 2, 3, 4, or 5 even times over again. Why? because some of the concepts are quite advanced.

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