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Master web hosting for beginners: Host any PHP Based Site. Coupon
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[100% Off] Master web hosting for beginners: Host any PHP Based Site. Free Course Coupon

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Install Wordpress or any PHP Website/Script on a VPS Server

4.0 hr
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In this course, you are going to learn everything about web hosting. We will dive deep into the different dynamics of web hosting, what makes sites resolve and respond as they do, and the entire web hosting setup. First, we'll look into installing WordPress, VPS Basic configuration, creation of domain or business email addresses, setting up of SMTP server, Accessing our webmail, hosting any PHP Script,  the concept of domain mapping, nameservers, and all the technicalities that ensure your server IP address is resolved to your domain name.

This course is divided into two distinct sections for easy understanding: The first section covers everything that has to do with the installation of WordPress, while the second section covers in-depth how to host any PHP script or website. In the second half of the course, I used a PHP script or website I bought from codecayon ( one of the most popular marketplaces for selling PHP-based products ). But this very much applies to all other marketplaces, or if you are working with the one you developed on your local host.

This is not all there is about the course, it is just a quick description and I won't be able to say everything here but, I'm optimistic, and with your cooperation, we will all enjoy the course. I believe there is no ideal or perfect course or program anywhere, but with you being my eye-opener; I will see ways to make the course even better and better in the future.

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