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Master Typescript & React Typescript to Develop Projects Coupon
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[82% Off] Master Typescript & React Typescript to Develop Projects Course Coupon

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Learn how to use Typescript and React Typescript to develop Real World Software Projects with Industry best practices

3.5 hr
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Welcome to this Typescript and React Typescript Masterclass course.

In this course you will the following:

  • What is Typescript

  • Difference between JavaScript and Typescript

  • Features of Typescript with Real Practical Handson Examples for each concept

  • Learn to install and use required software

  • What is Transpiler

  • What is the difference between Transpiling and Compiling

  • Writing Compiling and Running our first Typescript program

  • Transpiling in watch mode for any new changes

  • Variable declaration and scopes - let const var

  • Data Types explanation

  • Declaring variables with Data Types

  • Template String in Typescript

  • Sub types in Typescript

  • Arrays and Tuple in Typescript

  • Enum in Typescript

  • Any type in Typecsript

  • Unknown type in Typescript and Type casting

  • Type inference in Typescript

  • Multi type or Union type in Typescript

  • Functions and Typescript

  • Optional function parameters in Typescript

  • Default function parameters in Typescript

  • Why we need Interface in Typescript

  • Interface Example

  • Class and Object in Typescript

  • Inheritance in Typescript

  • Access modifiers in Typescript

You will learn to create React Application with Typescript support and then start applying Typescript concept to all React JS concepts one by one as mentioned below:

  • Why Should we Combine React with Typescript

  • Creating new React Typescript application

  • React Workflow and React Typescript Project Overview

  • Create First React Component with ES5 syntax

  • Create First React Component with ES6 syntax

  • Using Props with Typescript in React Component

  • Using string number and boolean type with props and component attributes

  • Props with Custom Object Type

  • Props with Array of Custom Object

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