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Master Solidworks 2021 - 3D CAD using real-world examples Coupon

[80% Off] Master Solidworks 2021 - 3D CAD using real-world examples Course Coupon

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The 2021 version of the bestselling Solidworks 3D CAD course - learn modelling for any use, from 3D printing to pro use!

19.0 hr
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Progress from complete beginner to Solidworks 2021 master in one single course!

Solidworks is one of the most popular and powerful 3D CAD programs in the world. Millions of people use it to design everything from 3D-printed toys all the way up to fully-working mechanical vehicles. Now you can join the ranks of Solidworks users, and learn to create your own models completely from scratch!

Why this course is different
There are many Solidworks courses online, but none quite like this one:

  • We use real world examples during learning! This allows you to relate to your lessons more easily and so remember and understand them better!

  • Taught by a Solidworks professional! The instructor been using Solidworks since 2006 and has even taken a range of official Solidworks-certified training courses. The instructor currently works as a Product Design Engineer and uses Solidworks every day to design all sorts of things for real clients  - no academic-only experience here!

  • No prior knowledge needed. This course is designed to take you from having never used any CAD program before to being able to model almost anything you can imagine!

  • Understand the wider context of CAD use. As well as explaining the basic CAD techniques this course also details how they relate to real world uses, such as 3D Printing and injection molding. 

  • Built on previous feedback! This course is built upon the instructors other best-selling Solidworks courses (2015, 2018 and 2019), and on the feedback from over 12,000 previous students on Udemy alone.

  • Fully updated for Solidworks 2021! The course has been completely redesigned and optimised for the 2021 version of Solidworks and now includes specialist Features like the Thread Tool, Mounting Bosses, Snap Hooks, Lip & Groove, and more.

About this course

This courses includes:

  • 19 hours of high-quality original video.

  • All sections contain additional resources such as downloadable models and drawings, made specially for the course.

  • On-hand support. Have a question? We are always here to support any questions and take a look at your progress.

  • No prior knowledge needed. We take you from complete beginner all the way to mastering Solidworks!

You will learn 

Over the course of twelve detailed modelling you'll learn the entire range of Solidworks skills, including:

  1. Circuitboard - Solidworks Basics, Sketching, Extrudes and Cuts

  2. Pencil - Multi-Body Parts, Revolved Boss/Base and Cuts

  3. Pencil Sharpener - Assemblies

  4. Headphones - Swept Boss/Base, Splines and 3D Sketches

  5. Coke Bottle - Swept Cuts, Helixes and Threads

  6. Computer Mouse - Lofted Boss/Base and Splitting Parts

  7. Key Fob - Modelling from Photographs

  8. Lego Figure - More Complex Assemblies and Advanced Mates

  9. Drawer Box - Configurations and Drawings

  10. Raspberry Pi Enclosure - Importing Parts and Draft Angles

  11. Bicycle Fork - 3D Curves and Sweeps

  12. Gamepad Controller - Ribs and an Entire Recap of the Earlier Techniques

  13. Course Conclusion and Future Learning!

The course is taught using Solidworks 2021 but the models and resources used will work with any version newer than that.  If you have a previous version (2015-2020, or earlier) then my earlier courses - "Master Solidworks 2015/2018/2019 3D CAD using real-world examples"  will be more helpful!

The techniques used are also common to many different CAD programs - so you can learn on Solidworks then easily transfer these skills if needed.

So sign up today, and begin your first steps in the exciting world of 3D modelling! 

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