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Duration: 3.0 hours

Learn How To to Build A Completely Automated Reporting Tool & Solve Any Business Modeling Task You Might Ever Experience

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Learn to solve any business modeling task you might ever experience!

Have you ever felt that you're regularly repeating some tasks in Google Sheets or Excel?

Have you ever thought about the time you would save if you would automate those tasks?

All the work you're doing in a repetitive manner in Google Sheets or Excel could be automated. It requires no coding skills, add-ons, or special tools - all you need to know is how to execute advanced formula combinations that will do all the automation for you.

This course focuses on teaching you the right skill set, so you could solve any business modeling task you might ever experience. I don't want to teach you only to execute some certain format of automation, I want you to be able to think outside of a certain tool - to literally be able to solve anything in the reporting automation or business modeling area. Everything we're learning along the course (which is a lot, really!) is only the start for you. I promise that after you complete the whole course, you will have tons of ideas on how to make your current work more efficient and automated.

This is a very hands-on course. You will learn the key formulas, practice them, build a complex but rewarding project, and then try to solve the challenges on your own. The course is designed to give you advanced-level skills that you will feel comfortable executing later in your own work. Please note that this is not a beginner-level course by design and by any means. However beginners are welcomed to take the course in case you're prepared to learn a lot by yourself in parallel and make some extra effort while taking this course.

What you can look forward to in this course:

  • Learn highly advanced and complex formula combinations

  • Build scalable and automated reporting tools that don't break

  • Build files that don't require any manual intervention for keeping them working

  • Learn how to make your files look professional and easy-to-track

  • Work out automated and semi-automated business forecasting methodology

  • Build a framework for market size estimation and competitor tracking (with real examples!)

  • Create impressive charts

  • Receive a fully functional business reporting template

  • Learn tips & tricks for future development (like using scripts)

  • Complete a lot of exercises

  • Save hundreds of hours of time with only you being required to take this course

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