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Master Python Programming (Arabic) Coupon

[79% Off] Master Python Programming (Arabic) Course Coupon

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Start learning programming using Python from scratch to professional

3.0 hr
15$ 69.99$
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Start learning programming from scratch to professional level using Python language you will start from a beginning where you will learn the very basic concepts and learn how to think as a programmer till you become a confident programmer with Python and willing to be involved in many areas where Python is a best fit from building simple programs , scripts and application to handling files and performing all sorts of data analysis and statistical analysis till building a machine learning model for a n artificial intelligence applications.

The curriculum of this course is carefully designed to qualifies the learner to reach a confidence level not for only writing a clean and organized code but for building a robust programs and applications.

The course also qualifies the learner to be willing to keep learning and advancing his skills because of the approach which is followed to deliver this course content where the intuitions and concepts are presented carefully to enhance the in-depth understanding for concepts, theories and building the ability to create a new and more efficient algorithm for better code implementation.

You will learn the following through this course:

  1. Basics of programming in Python including variables, if conditions, loops, and functions

  2. Data structures and collections in Python including list, tuple, set and dictionary with in-depth understanding of their characteristics and why and how to use each one of them

  3. Lambda expression and regular expression

  4. Handling files and directories

  5. Understanding and programming using object-oriented approach

  6. Handling file and performing data analysis using Pandas package

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