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Master Prototyping - Adobe XD Coupon

[80% Off] Master Prototyping - Adobe XD Course Coupon

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Learn All About prototyping with XD and make your web and mobile designs interactive.

2.5 hr
15$ 74.99$
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Hey , This is Mehdi Baoueb . I've known nany good designers who are able to make stunning interfaces but when it comes to prototyping they find themselves stuck. Especially when they see tutorials with a canvas full of pretty messed up artboards linked to each other !

Well , I've got to tell you that it's not a big deal because we all have been through that.

Learning step by step with simplified and easy examples is always a good option for a beginner so that's why I dropped this course.

Once you're enrolled , you will start learning what features does this software provide and be able to make interactions between the artboards.

We are getting started with specific examples for each case so you can understand how Adobe XD prototyping tools work.

After finishing the first section we will design and prototype a portfolio website in which helps you practice and master prototyping.

Then we will work on prototyping a minimalistic mobile app design.

We are going to discover more features in each part of the course so if you're a beginner it's better if you don't skip and follow me step by step.

Enroll now, take your prototyping skills to a higher level !

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