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Master Numpy Foundation and Practice Challenging Exercises Coupon

[50% Off] Master Numpy Foundation and Practice Challenging Exercises Course Coupon

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Learn how to use Numpy from fundamentals of python and practice 80 exercises and 350 quiz questions

8.5 hr
15$ 29.99$
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This course helps you to build the foundation to work with Data Science. This course is not just learning numpy and python basics, but also provides students and programmers to get practice with lot of challenging exercises while you learn. Thus, students get strong hands-on with numpy at the end of this course.


No of Exercises in Python: 20

No of Exercises in Numpy: 60+

These exercises are specially designed to get the hands on immediately after completion of every topic. The solution files contain not just the code alone, but also embedded with the detailed explanation of the solution. Additionally, hints files are provided for exercises inorder for students to avoid viewing the solution before completing the exercise.


No of questions: 350

You might think that every course has got quiz, then what’s so special about quiz in this course.

This course contains specially designed quiz to have challenging questions with explanations for answers. The questions include testing the output of the code, questions forces students to analyse all the choices etc.


At high level, this course covers following chapters:

  • Python Basics

  • Numpy

  • Statistics concepts

  • Numpy for Statistics

  • Linear Algebra Concepts

  • Numpy for Linear Algebra

Activities Time

Besides lecture duration, students will spend valuable 60 hours for exercises  and quiz questions. You can see the detail of this time in preview videos.

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