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Master Effects in Adobe After Effects Coupon
[75% Off] Master Effects in Adobe After Effects
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Duration: 3.0 hours

Harnes the power of effects in Adobe After Effects

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Adobe After Effects is a class leading motion graphics and visual effects software from Adobe.

Do you find it intimidating to create more sophisticated animations, make your projects look better? Do you struggle finding what effects do and how to use them? And which one to use to start with? Look no further. In this course, we're going to dig deeper into more advanced techniques with effects to take your knowledge to the next level.

We will cover more effects and different kinds of effects you can find inside the software so you should have basic knowledge of using After Effects, and hopefully this course will allow you to become a better animator and a motion graphics designer.

Make sure you know basics of After Effects. You should have a working knowledge of these topics (things we do not cover here):

  • creating compositions

  • customising compositions

  • importing images and videos

  • creating keyframes

  • editing keyframes

  • applying effects to layers/objects

  • exporting your compositions to different formats

Create a new project to get started and let's follow along adding effects and animating them.

Once you start watching the videos start practising what you're learning using the project you have created.

I encourage you to share your projects here. Let's all share what we have created in this course.

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