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Understand the Master Data concept in SAP. This course covers all topics under Master Data. Become an SAP MM Consultant.
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[100% Off] Master Data in SAP Udemy Coupon

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Master Data is the data that is created centrally and is consistent & valid for all applications. It remains constant over time but it is to be updated on a regular basis. For e.g., Vendor is a type of master data that is used for creating purchase orders or contracts.

Master data in SAP is used as a base for any transaction. If you are producing, transferring stock, selling, purchasing, doing physical inventory, whatever your activity may be, it requires certain master data to be maintained.

SAP Master Data is of the following types −

1) Material Master Data

2) Customer Master Data

3) Vendor Master Data

4) Pricing/conditions Master Data

5) Warehouse management Master Data (storage bin master data)

The ones that are focused in SAP MM module are material master and purchasing info record.

a. Basics of Master Data
b. Significance of Master Data
c. Usage of Master Data

I. Material Master

i. What is Material Master
ii. Views
iii. Subscreens
iv. Fields
v. Maintenance of material data in the SAP system
vi. Prerequisites for creation of Material Master Record
vii. Creation of Material Master Record
viii. Changes to Material Master Record
ix. Other end user activities in Material Master
x. Configuration of Material Master
a. Screen Sequence
What is Screen Sequence
Significance and usage of Screen Sequence
b. Screen Reference
What is Screen Reference
Creating and using Screen Reference
c. Field Selection
What is Field Selection
Criteria for defining field selection
d. Field Reference
What is Field reference
Creating and using field references
e. Material Type
What is Material Type
Usage of Material Type in the SAP system
Defining and using Material Types
f. Assign Number Range to Material Type
g. Material Number formatting
h. Material Groups
i. Purchasing Group
j. Purchase Value Key
k. Shipping Instruction

II. Vendor Master
i. Who is a Vendor
ii. What is Vendor Master Record
iii. Division of Vendor Master data
General Data
Company Code Data
Purchasing Data
iv. Vendor Classification
v. Types of Vendor
Regular Vendor
One-time Vendor
Accounting Vendor
Purchasing Vendor Central Vendor
vi. Prerequisites for creating Vendor Master Record
vii. Vendor Account Group and its significance
viii. Creation of Vendor Master Record
ix. Changing the Vendor Master Record
x. Other End user activities of Vendor Master
xi. Configuration of Vendor Master
a. Vendor Field Selection
What is Vendor field selection
Significance of vendor field selection
Criteria for maintaining vendor field selection
b. Assignment of Number Ranges
c. Screen selection for Vendor Master records
d. Vendor Industries
e. Terms of Payment

Instructors: Uplatz Training

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