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Master Critical Financial Calculations in 1 month Coupon
Finance & Accounting

[-186% Off] Master Critical Financial Calculations in 1 month Course Coupon

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Learn Time Value of Money, Cashflow, Amortization and Interest Rates Calculations.

1.5 hr
100$ 34.99$
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Get a financial calculation course which focuses on critical calculations.

Our financial calculation course is the best in the market. Join now and we'll give you access to our entire course. You can use this course to learn all of your personal finances and improve your knowledge of investments.

We believe in helping people understand how money works so that they can make their way in the world. That's why we have created this course for you.

This online course allows you to master critical financial calculations within 1 month, and puts you ahead of your peers.

If you are a finance professional, you would gain trust and attract clients 2 times faster, earning more revenue.

If you are a finance student, you would save half the time needed to study yet ace your exams.

If you are an individual who wants to do your own planning, you would be able to systematically develop a financial blueprint and gain 10 times more clarity on your finances.

The course comprises of:

  1. Lectures of various topics in video format that you can access 24/7

  2. Practice Questions with solutions. (3 sets and counting)

  3. Mind Maps to give you a good overview

  4. Fortnightly 2 hours tutorial sessions via zoom for you to clear your doubts

  5. Real-time collaboration and discussions on Padlet

Key Topics Covered:

  1. Time Value of Money calculations

  2. Cash Flow calculations

  3. Amortization calculations

  4. Interest Rates conversion

  5. Real Life Applications

What you need:

  1. A computer with good wifi connection

  2. Zoom account

  3. Good headset and microphone

  4. A good learning attitude

  5. Financial Calculator - HP, Texas or Casio.

Other course info:

  1. 100% online.

  2. Learn at your own pace.

  3. Clear explanations.

  4. Approximately 10 hours to complete.

  5. Course delivery in English.

  6. Full support to aid your learning.

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