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Master Course in Climate Change Impact on Business Coupon

[84% Off] Master Course in Climate Change Impact on Business Course Coupon

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Climate Change, Business Sustainability, Circular economy, environmental and business performance, global warming

1.0 hr
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Master Course in Climate Change Impact on Business

There's no doubt climate change is an existential threat, one that keeps me up at night. In reality, talking about fire and brimstone only aggravates those with vested interests in big coal or oil or those who (rightly) feel helpless. Why don't we look to the billionaire luminaries who are taking up the climate cause as smart business instead of preaching to the converted?

There's always a challenge when starting a business. As global temperatures rise, so does world energy consumption. Meanwhile, our planet only has so much oil and natural gas left, which will ultimately lead to alternative fuels taking over the economy. Clean energy solutions, which have the added benefit of ensuring the future health of the planet, will power the population's energy needs.

Global climate change isn't just about rising temperatures and sea levels, it's about how businesses view the impact, the costs, and the business opportunities that come with it.

Many companies are trying to improve their environmental and business performance through "sustainability" or "green business" programs. Instead of building climate resilience in the face of risks like cyclonic winds, heat waves, flooding, and storm surges, these initiatives typically focus on mitigation. Through renewable energy like solar and wind power, improved energy and water efficiency, recycling, and reducing waste of all kinds, the most effective sustainability programs, by whatever name they're called, manage to reduce emissions and lower their environmental footprint.

The 5 major topics I'd like to cover in this master's course

1. What is climate change and how does it happen?

2. How does climate change affect business and the economy?

3. how does climate change affect marine ecosystem biodiversity

4. How to reduce global warming and climate change

5. What's the risk of climate change for businesses? What's business's response to climate change?

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