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Master Agile Estimation: Top Techniques for Scrum & Kanban Coupon

[-0% Off] Master Agile Estimation: Top Techniques for Scrum & Kanban Course Coupon

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Gain the skills to create Scrum & Kanban based agile estimates that work for both your agile team and your stakeholders

3.0 hr
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The conflict around estimates

Do you have a love-hate relationship with estimates? Businesses demand them but agile teams see them as something stakeholders use against them. In a complex agile project, an estimate can feel like a binding commitment and a stranglehold. In this course, you will learn how to create agile estimates that work for both your team and your stakeholders.

What you’ll get from this course

I created this course and packed it with practical, real-world experiences that I’ve gained working with Agile teams around the world.

This is primarily a “learn by doing” course. So all theory is paired with practical exercises we’ll complete together in your workbook.

With this course, you’ll...

  • Discover how to set up an estimation process that suits your environment

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of the most popular estimation techniques used by modern agile teams

  • Be able to identify and troubleshoot common estimation problems

  • Recognize when to re-estimate & when not to

  • Gain skills you can apply immediately via “9 practical exercises”

The practical exercises you’ll complete include…

  • Estimating the height of dogs using “dog points” (relative estimation)

  • Performing velocity calculations

  • Estimating using a reference point

  • Running a pointing poker session

  • Which estimation technique to use for various scenarios

  • and more…

Why learn agile estimation?

Agile estimation is difficult. Most teams struggle with it. When the estimation process is broken, estimates feel impossible to achieve, or overinflated. Stakeholder relationships begin to deteriorate. And management starts to push back on estimates, thinking teams can complete more and more, and are disappointed when unrealistic goals are not met. In defense, teams begin to spend too much time in planning, at the cost of building.

But how do you fix this? In a field where so many teams follow counter-productive practices, copying others won’t work.

This course will help set your team on the right path by showing you how to establish estimation best practices and troubleshoot existing issues

So Let’s Do This! Enroll now and sharpen your Estimation skills.

I’ll see you inside!

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