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Marketing Management - MM Fundamentals 101 to Advanced Coupon

[100% Off] Marketing Management - MM Fundamentals 101 to Advanced Free Course Coupon

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A Complete Package - Marketing Beginners Guide | Case Studies | Advanced Marketing Strategy | Applications in Real World

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Most of us view marketing as a cheesy, pushy tactic to get people to buy something that they don’t want to buy.

But marketing is far from that. It isn’t pushy or cheesy; rather it’s the way companies reach out to customers to serve them. And many people think that there’s no difference between marketing and selling. In truth, sales are just a part of marketing. And sales come after marketing.

As an example, we can talk about selling a product.

Let’s say that your company would want to sell 1000 pieces of a product you just launched. Now before even the sales would start, you need to start promoting the product on both online and traditional media. You can give ads, do content marketing, conduct SMM, or give advertisements on TV. No matter what you do to promote the product, it is called marketing. Marketing would continuously go on. And as a result, you would receive queries and leads for your products. And your salespeople would follow the leads and serve the potential customers with your products and would close the deal.

That’s how the whole thing works.

If you’re working as a marketing manager, your job is to bring as many leads as you can for the sales team. The sales team then will take the leads and reach out to the prospects and close the deal. And then your customer service department would reach out to your customers for collecting feedback so that you can improve your products and understand the ever-changing needs of your customers.

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