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(March 2024) Walking with Grief...slowly. Coupon
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[40% Off] (March 2024) Walking with Grief...slowly. Course Coupon

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Walking with grief - the benefits (Includes workbook)

3.0 hr
12$ 19.99$
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New: A workbook has been added to this course that covers the whole of October 2023 and beyond including 2024

This course makes available to those living in cities, nature. For those who have no idea of the impact of poetry on grief, sonnets (silent).

So this course is applicable to all - but what is it actually about?

I take you on a walk - rarely in my courses - you see very, very little of me.

Instead you see:

a. beautiful views of nature

b. sonnets written for the course

c. art therapy exercises written specifically to help you cope with grief

Accompanying the course is a manual - this saves you copying down notes and allows you to just sit, watch, become emotionally involved.

There are specific art therapy exercises on grief and :

a. dusk

b. dawn

c. sunrise

d. sunset

But - as befits a video-based course - the real benefits are what you SEE and what you READ (on screen) and how that makes you feel - especially if you carry out the exercises.

Remember too that the course is made up of:

a. the lectures themselves

b. the Course Manual

c. the Art Therapy Exercises

d. the sonnets

e. (most importantly) : YOU

Watch the PREVIEW lectures - see if you like what you see and hear.

If you do - then enrol, you’ll not regret it!

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