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[79% Off] Manifestation Made Easy Course Coupon

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The ultimate law of attraction course for complete success

1.0 hr
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An introduction to Manifestation made easy

Welcome to probably one of the smartest Manifestation choices you’ve made so far!

My name is Shakti and I am excited to share my thirty years of working experience within this diverse field of energy and transformation with you through this particular course of Manifestation made easy.

Why Manifestation? Because if ever there was a time where we need to manifest and create something magnificent and new, whilst also using the Law of Attraction, it’s now. With the winds of change upon us we can see our world shifting day by day and guess what? We can all do our bit in how this plays out for us by creating something that serves our highest and greatest good and the good of all.

In three simple steps I’m going to show you how this is best achieved.

The teachings that follow are split into 3 simple steps. Each lesson includes:

  • Video introductions

  • Visualisations

  • PDF instructions and descriptions of the recorded content

  • Exercising and strengthening the principles of the Law of Attraction

  • Homework and practice suggestions that can be extended into your personal life for enhanced wellbeing, peace and achievement for as long as you choose.

Lesson 1 - We prepare for the foundations that your Manifestations will flow into. I share techniques that ground, clear and strengthen your energy, taking your focus to a clearer and more accurate state for the Law of Attraction to complement your intentions and efforts. For this course I suggest that you practice these techniques at least once a day for a week. Once learned, these techniques can also be applied to your every day life and will feel so natural to you that your practice of them eventually becomes effortless.

Lesson 2 - We create the foundations for your creations to take form. We get creative, laying out our structure through words, pictures and creative focus thus expanding our range of possibilities into instant probabilities whilst also deleting negative and distracting thought forms and patterns along the way!

Lesson 3 - We bring our Manifestations into life, charge them, anchor them into this reality and open up to our full potential.  The Law of Attraction will do the rest but you can top up the attractive strength of your creations by practicing the final visualisation as many times as you wish.

This course will bring you into a complete living harmony with the creative life force that lives within you. If practiced correctly, it will bring you into alignment with your highest and greatest potential so that you can thrive and be radiant in whatever you choose.

So how does manifestation work? Well in short, thoughts become things! We have a thought or inspiration which we then focus on. If it excites us or we feel positive about it we then set about creating it in the physical. This can include a career move, travel, art, music, health, wealth and shifts in higher states of consciousness.

This course will give you tools that enhance your creative skills as a Manifester and allow you to successfully bring your highest and greatest dreams to life at high speed with ease, joy and grace.

The great thing about this course is that anyone can do it! You don’t have to be an experienced Manifester to accomplish your dreams and set the wheels of the Law of Attraction into motion. All you need is to know how you want to feel. The rest will come!

I will give you simple and clear instructions on how it’s done and the rest is up to you. Your dreams are in the palms of your hands and in the core of your heart and Soul. That potential is yours and I will show you how to unlock it and use it for the best results.

One you have learned this skill, you can use it again and again for as long as you wish, so what are you waiting for? Jump in and enjoy the Law of Attraction and your ultimate Manifestations!

Start thinking of the things that excite you. The things that you love and the dreams that you have of living your ultimate life experience and how that may complement the world and those around you.  Success is yours in the making so lets get Manifesting now!

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