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Managing Emotions For Higher Performance Coupon
Personal Development

[70% Off] Managing Emotions For Higher Performance Course Coupon

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Practical Steps For Managing Emotions In Ourselves & Others

1.0 hr
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About This Course

This course theme is one that's packed with practical ways that you can build on both your emotional awareness and emotional management and really learn how to take ownership of your emotions and your impact on those of others. It’s full of practical advice, stories, tips and plans to help you become even more effective in your own work, and in how you lead and/or manage others.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is for anyone that is seeking to develop their approach to the practical side of EI – managing their own emotions and helping others to manage theirs too. If you’re looking to understand and improve how you function emotionally when faced with difficult situations, circumstances or people, or how you support and manage others when they’re facing similar challenges – this course is for you.

When you think about the impact emotions have on performance – they can be the critical success factor when managed well, or a reason for failure when it’s done so poorly. Learning how to manage your own and other people’s emotions effectively, but authentically is a game-changer for leaders and managers.

What Will You Learn On This Course?

By the end of this course, we want you to feel confident trying some new and different approaches to emotional management of both yourself and your people.

  • We’ll walk you through a model that practically maps out our emotional experiences, making them understandable.

  • Before delving into the ways you can manage yourself and your own emotional responses to different stimuli.

  • Then we’ll move on to recognising emotions in others and how to help manage them when appropriate.

  • Finally including some great tips for emotional boosts for you and others.

Your Instructor

Jane Sparrow has spent her career working with organisations across the globe to create sustainable high-performance cultures.

She began her career at IBM before holding a variety of senior positions in organisations such as Sony Europe, The Energy Project and MCA (now part of the WPP Group). Founder of the business consultancy The Culture Builders, specialising in transformational change, engagement and sustainable high-performance cultures, Jane is passionate about enabling others to perform at their best to achieve organisational and personal goals.

Her approach is grounded in the belief that by moving people beyond being simply ‘savers’ in an organisation and working with them to become ‘investors’ - people who will put far more in, organisations can unlock their performance potential.

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