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Management Skills, Self Leadership & Personal Transformation Coupon
Personal Development

[82% Off] Management Skills, Self Leadership & Personal Transformation Course Coupon

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Leadership starts with the Self. Unlocking highest Potential through Value-Insight-Purpose based life-long learning.

3.0 hr
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RoundTheClock Leadership™ - VIP Experience program is a thought-provoking, in-depth leadership program designed to ignite self-realization - the fulfillment by oneself of the possibilities of one's character or personality - through value, insight and purpose based life-long learning strategies.

It appeals to complex psychology, education and social sciences principles, yet it is easy to follow, straight to the point and has all the secret ingredients to channel theory into practice and shift the center of psychological life from the ego to the Self in order to achieve the harmonization of the personality.

Depending on the level of personal development, the program can impact growth in many unexpected ways by generating a long lasting spiral of transformation, leading to an incremental raise in the quality of life.

In order to acknowledge and ignite the highest positive potential, all roads explored within the program lead to the central idea that “Leadership starts with the Self”, opening the doors to endless possibilities.

From the vision of how life should be to the decisions made each day in order to achieve it, Self-leadership dictates the quality of life and personal fulfillment.

In order to make the most of this self-discovery journey, please do your best to take the Activities, Insights, Assignments and External Resources provided for your reference as seriously as you take your personal growth and miracles will be in the making.

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