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Management Skills - How to Handle Poor Performers and More Coupon
[85% Off] Management Skills - How to Handle Poor Performers and More
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Duration: 3.0 hours

Learn top management skills to lead your employees and contractors and how to easily handle poor performance.

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- You will learn how to address poor performance.

- Show you a roadmap for tackling the tough conversations and hard decisions.

- Learn how to identify and respond to poor performance.

- Does the employee or contractor need more training from a coworker or classes?

- Would it be possible the employee or contractor might do better in a different department or project?

- Discuss how to take swifter, more firm action today with team members and contractors that are not meeting expectations.

- Learn tips and tricks to prevent employees and contracts from getting to the point of poor performance and possibly parting ways.

- As a manager or owner, if you sense resistance to the new behavior or a lack of motivation, it’s important to stress how improved skills or a behavior change is required for the employee to meet the company's needs. For employees resistant to change, clear expectations can help them understand that there may be consequences to poor performance. This will be discussed further in a case study.

- You will also learn Management Skills like communication, resilience, employee engagement and more.

- You will learn how to set clear objectives and exceptions to turn around poor performance.

- You will learn all these skills and more.

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