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Management by...cartoons Coupon

[-125% Off] Management by...cartoons Course Coupon

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Learning core management skills...through cartoons

3.0 hr
45$ 19.99$
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The premise is straightforward.

Take four elements of management:

  • Motivation

  • What makes a successful leader?

  • Leader development trends 2023

  • Leadership theories

Then draw cartoons for key elements for each one. (The cartoons have been drawn by Pepe, co-Instructor and professional cartoonist).

The student has a number of tasks:

  • a. interpret the cartoon

  • b. consider whether the various elements are tyrue at his/her place of work and then comment in the Q/A

  • c. (Optional) draw cartoons representing the various elements from his/her own experience

Does this course teach you how to draw cartoons?  NO!

But the cartoons provoke ideas, provoke discussion and, coupled with the text and further links, will expand your knowledge AND encourage you to relate the theory to real life.

So what advantages does this course offer?

1. TWO Instructors - both known for their regular participation in discussions, courses provided and, owing to time zones, this gives 24/7 coverage for the course

2. Original ideas and work that is nowhere else ion the internet AND the cartoons were drawn specifically for this course

3. The idea of the cartoons is to provoke discussion and, as this course is short, the emphasis will be on relating cartoons to real-life situations

Taking the course as a whole, 40 different elements are covered by the cartoons BUT particular examples from particular companies are not given. Yes, you are encouraged to research but the purpose of the cartoons is to allow you to quickly assimilate ideas and then you are asked to consider whether such methods happen in your place of work.

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