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Have you decided to relocate in Vietnam? Are you assigned to project in Vietnam?
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Course Instructor:
Jouni Ruotanen
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[100% Off] Manage and run projects in Vietnam Udemy Coupon

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Latest update: now this course has strategic level!!

In the new section you will learn how to manage your project in Vietnam strategic level. It’s not only communication, it’s not about people. It’s about YOU. How you make it happen? What is your goal? Make it strategic.

Take this course to be prepared your first business trip to Vietnam. Learn how to successfully manage and run projects or other practices in this wonderful country.

My useful tips from project practices and phases will help you in each step in your first project in Vietnam. You will learn also differences from Vietnamese style, what you should know and how to prepare.

This course will not require previous experience in working abroad. If you’re interested to relocate in Vietnam, this will offer you a short view what can be expected.

There will be also many templates for your kick start in project with explanations. These will help you in any case you might be asked for with Vietnamese customer.

Join the course to avoid any problems in the beginning of the project.

Get advanced templates, learning and advice from an expert.

Instructors: Jouni Ruotanen

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