[100% Off] Make the Game Art of Your Tetris Game Using Inkscape Udemy Coupon


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Use Inkscape to create the game art of your tetris inspired puzzle game.
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Martin Belvisi
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[100% Off] Make the Game Art of Your Tetris Game Udemy Coupon

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In this course you’ll learn everything you need to create your own tetris inspired puzzle game‘s game art, using the free program Inkscape. I’ll show you, in step by step lessons, how to create the different components that makes up the most common styles you see in this type of games all the time and by the end of the course we’ll apply everything with a full tetris clone mockup image.

So if you’re a programmer interested in game art, or maybe a beginner artist who want to learn the basics of game art, then this course may be for you.

Note: This course won’t be dealing with Inkscape, however we won’t deal with advanced features plus i made sure to go over everything step by step so nobody gets lost. So if you’re a beginner with Inkscape you can still take the course!.

Instructors: Martin Belvisi

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