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Make Money from Home with Trading and Investing Coupon

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Learn the 8 Golden Rules of Trading, the Psychology of Market Cycles, the 3 Pillars of Technical Analysis and Order Flow

3.0 hr
45$ 44.99$
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In this course, I’ll start by giving you the 8 Golden Rules of trading that you must absolutely apply if you want to win at this game.

Then, you will learn about the market cycles, with an illustration of the crypto market. Speaking of which, do you know what is the reality of the crypto market? Well, in the market there are two groups of people: The Weak Hands and the Smart Money. First, the smart money buys when the price is low and flat. Then the price goes up, and the weak hands get FOMO (the Fear Of Missing Out). Then the weak hands buy at the top, from the smart money who sells. Then the price goes down, weak hands panic, and sell at the bottom to the smart money who buys. You see the cycle? Only knowledge and good understanding of cryptos and markets will help you shift from being the weak hands to becoming the smart money. And that’s where this course comes into play. It will give you exactly what you need to know and understand to become the smart money. Trust me, this knowledge will help you to change your life, and it is the Psychology of Market Cycles.

And finally, you will also learn about the three pillars of technical analysis, i.e. the three compulsory conditions to check when you open a trade:

  1. Localization (Buying Low vs. Selling High, Depression Phase vs. Euphoria Phase)

  2. Structure (Double Bottom Patterns vs. Double Top Patterns, e.g. Weekly W Bottoms vs. Weekly M Tops)

  3. Momentum (MACD, Convergence vs. Divergence)

And besides you will learn about Order Flow Analysis to reinforce your Trading decisions.

So don’t hesitate and go for it, you will learn tons of valuable things that will help you succeed in your trading and investments.

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