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Maintaining the audience's attention in public speaking Coupon
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[62% Off] Maintaining the audience's attention in public speaking Course Coupon

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Manual for a successful orator

3.0 hr
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What do we perform in public for? What is our goal? Most likely we want to be heard, so that our ideas reach the listeners.

To become a successful speaker who is listened to and perceived, it is not enough to correctly construct the speech, be able to speak beautifully or convey important thoughts. It is also important to encourage the audience to start listening to you at all. And it is desirable not only for the first 5 minutes, after which they can sleep peacefully.

Therefore, speaking to the public, we are forced to work not only with the ears and eyes of listeners. And certainly not with their minds. First of all, we must work with their attention! Attention is the starting point. And only after - interest, understanding, persuasion, etc.

This course is exactly devoted to attention of the audience and problems of its maintenance through the entire performance. We will study the basic tools (personal and not only), that every person who goes out to speak in public actually have. Although, not everyone knows about existence of such tools. And even fewer know how to properly use these resources to make the performance more effective and convincing.

Sign up for this course, if you aimed at improving your public speaking skills. And become the one who is really listened to by everyone who has come to listen.

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