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LSSGB Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certified Practice Exam Coupon
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Sample Questions

Q) The use of signal lights railway, tool and jidohka devices in the application of Lean realize that these principles?

a) Minimizing theft

b) visual Factory

c) knowledge management

d) operator Attentiveness

Q) A lean principle that addresses efficiency by the process worker is called ____________________?

a) visual Factory

b) supervision

c) Training

d) standardization

Q) While the management of a company must prepare the ground for all the improvement efforts that these 5SS is mainly determined by the management?

a) Straighten up

b) To sort

c) Shine

d) To sustain

Q) As part of a visual factory floor __________ cards are created and used to identify areas that need cleaning and organization.

a) Kanban

b) Kaizen

c) Poke-Yoke

d) WhoSai

Q) The use of kanban work best with extraction systems to determine the timing of which produce products or services.



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