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Low Back Pain: Biomechanical Torsion for Lumbar Pain Coupon
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[40% Off] Low Back Pain: Biomechanical Torsion for Lumbar Pain Course Coupon

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101 original techniques and exercises to manage low back pain including self-guided biomechanical torsion

1.5 hr
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This course will take the student from the basics of the anatomy of low-back pain, what causes low back pain and why conventional treatments often don't work.

The course will then illustrate a series of natural exercises, techniques and strategies that include biomechanical torsion along with a mix of exercise techniques to create flexibility and strengthen the supporting regions that can help prevent low-back pain in the future, along with helping to reside current spasm pain. For the first time, these techniques have been adapted for personal use with a self-guided process to help achieve and maintain pain-free living.

Biomechanical torsion is a an progressive form of therapy for low back pain originally developed by osteopathic doctors several decades ago. This course introduces a revolutionary method of self-guided biomechanical torsion that someone who suffers from low back pain can do in the privacy of their own home. This methodology allows a person to re-balance, re-support, re-strengthen and re-align the spinal, lumbar and sacral regions, in order to achieve pain-free living.

The course doesn't stop there. Strategies on posture, flexibility, strengthening and more are introduced to facilitate a healthy lumbar and sacrum region. Facilities and equipment including swimming pools, pilates balls, inversion chairs, saunas, tai chi, nutrition, meditation, hydration and various back stretching devices are also introduced and explained.

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