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Live Life to the Fullest with Purpose and Meaning Coupon
Personal Development

[25% Off] Live Life to the Fullest with Purpose and Meaning Course Coupon

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How to Live your Best Life

2.5 hr
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Purpose / talents / strengths and values: This course is great for anyone who has a strong desire to change their life for the better, who wants to embrace their highest self, live a life of fulfilment and purpose, those wanting to find a career or business endeavour that they love and that fulfils their greater purpose.

By doing this course you will embark on a journey to discover your life's purpose and your greatest passions, and then determine a career that will help you fulfil it or make your current role more meaningful. You will learn to capitalize on natural skills and talent, believe in yourself and do what you love. You will look at your life experiences and see how your growth, and core values were the driving forces in your life.

Relationships: When you better understand yourself and others you would be able to have better interactions with the business, family and social environment. You will become better team members, leaders or managers.

Habits and self-discipline: You will get the chance to analyse your thinking process and you will acquire the clarity to modify / challenge your thinking effectively. You will also be able to learn helpful practices that will assist you living the life you dream. Cultivate habits that are beneficial to you, giving you the motivation to take consistent action towards your goal.

The good life: You will determine the unique ingredients of your good life.

Being your authentic self: Often we put on a mask to be like someone else, but it can be hard work. Life is a lot easier when we live an authentic life where we can be our self. Our roles, careers, hobbies, and relationships are often chosen more because of our conditioning or because we feel we “should”, rather than because they are a fit for who we truly are. You will practice to be yourself and by doing that you will have more control over your choices and decisions.

Re-programme yourself: You will learn to overcome limiting conditioning from childhood and societal influences and rewrite empowering new ones and overcome common excuses that hold you back. You will take full responsibility to change your life.

Self-coaching: You will learn to self-coach as it is the process of guiding our growth and development, especially when we are going through challenges or facing change in both our personal and professional life.

We are with ourselves 24/7 no one sees our thoughts apart from us. That is why we are our best coach. We know what works for us and what not. Only we can catch our thoughts and be familiar with all our emotions and feelings.

The best thing we can do for ourselves is investing time to understand ourselves, become self-aware, develop emotional intelligence and to self-coach. Self-coaching is all about change. Changing things that are not working in our life. An example would be changing our core limiting beliefs that are holding us back and imprisoning us from reaching our full potential.

This course will enable you to bring together all of the above elements into a clear statement of purpose and write your personal manifesto as a powerful declaration of intent.

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