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Lithium Technology: Uses, Production and Recycling Coupon
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[57% Off] Lithium Technology: Uses, Production and Recycling Course Coupon

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Everything you ever wanted to know about Lithium

3.0 hr
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Have you ever wondered how the "lithium" finds its way into your lithium-ion batteries?

Then this udemy-class is for you!

The course gives you a complete overview of lithium and lithium technology.

We will talk about the extraction of lithium from rocks and from brines. Here you will not only learn about the different minerals available and the formation of salars, but also all the process details for the production of lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide.

Lithium recycling: You will also get an introduction to the possibilities of recycling lithium from used batteries.

In addition, the uses of lithium in different industries, the supply chain and the market share of lithium are covered.

A chapter is dedicated to the lithium resources and reserves of lithium deposits around the world.

We will also learn more about the geochemistry of lithium and why lithium is mainly found in granitic rocks. And you will learn about the most important lithium minerals. We will learn about the production of metallic lithium from molten LiCl and what typical lithium alloys are and where they are used.

A whole chapter is dedicated to organolithium, here we will talk about buthyllithium and its production as well as look at some safety related issues. And we will also take a closer look at different lithium compounds, how to make them and where to use them.

The course is purely theoretical, no experiments or demonstrations.

Beware: This course is not suitable for beginners in science!!! Good knowledge of general chemistry, knowledge of inorganic chemistry and basic knowledge of organic chemistry are required.

There will be no introduction in basic topics such "what is an atom", "how to read chemical formulas" or "what is an acid".

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