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Craft a new version of yourself and your reality with the power of your subconscious mind

6.5 hr
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What makes this different?

Tired of endless money courses that get shelved after a few months, collecting dust and just didn't make a difference in your life in the long run? No matter how brilliant they were on the surface?

What actually prevented you from making your millions - and growing it? Unlike other courses, we teach you what actually trips you up each and every time on money without fail no matter how clever and diligent you are, how good the course content was, how good of a person you are or how great the lecturer/school was.

This 5 part money series is not for the faint hearted as this truly gets under and inside your actual deep seated money limitations and blocks that have been there - all of your life. This wealth module obliterates any wealth course you’ve ever gone for, be it a technical financial course or other.

This course is actually the valuable precursor that no one tells you about.  It comes before any of those other courses. In those other courses the material may be great be ito investments, accounting, managing your business, attracting clients, excelling at job interviews, etc. But it doesn't stick! Your life does not change the way you desire it to. Its taking too long with too much struggle! Why?

Because it is trying to attach to your current internal money framework that is completely wrong for you and has not worked for you for most of your life. And nothing will work. Not through any fault of your own. Simply because your current dysfunctional internal money framework is your default setting. It is not is much like a powerful computer program. It is pre-programmed to stay run, function and succeed as that is your dominant programming - until you decide to change it!

So you see this is no fault of our own. You never stood a chance - no matter hat you did or tried or changed about yourself. The dominant program will run - regardless. You were simply half-living not knowing this. Now you have the right tools to turn this around and not be a slave to a program that does not serve you.

You will quickly find out for yourself how to do this once you join. It immediately gets into your personal blocks and limitations and gives you the actual tools that work - to replace them and completely free you up to do the things you want to do and live the life YOU want to live in the style you require! As opposed to other courses that may tap into it - but they are too shrouded and drenched in false information  to make a real difference. And they do not actually address your internal money psyche and how to solve your real life problems over time!

Unless you are willing to permanently delete your money blocks - nothing in your life will change.

Take the journey now. I promise you - you will not be your Old Self after this. You will come out of this fully equipped on how to self-regulate your personal Wealth blocks and limitations. You will know exactly how to fully design and order the life you want and the Wealth you desire.

NB: This course BWML - Part 1 [Become a Wealth Magnet for Life - Part 1] is part of a module series of 5 courses. They are sequential in nature.. you need to do the Part 1 of the Module, before going to Part 2, etc. The importance of this is explained in the first Introduction video lecture. Please kindly listen and follow according - as it is designed to steadily and incrementally break down your internal resistance on money in the most effective way possible. Your resistance is very powerful and has been built up and refined over decades. So do not rush to the other courses Part 2, 3, 4, & 5 in the Module. You will simply not get the benefit of the entire 5-Part course Module.

It is important to follow the sequence so that you can put yourself on the path to success and wealth creation as quickly and efficiently as possible. Yet in a genuine way with real effect and change. Mastering your Self in the wrong way has taken a lifetime - so its only natural that it will take at least a few weeks to press the reset button. This is not an overnight success. Give your Self this gift.

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