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Let's Make Homemade Pizza And Sourdough Bread Too Coupon

[6% Off] Let's Make Homemade Pizza And Sourdough Bread Too Course Coupon

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Learn To Make Tasty Pizza And Sourdough Bread in your home oven, bake delicious pizza with crunchy and chewy crust.

3.0 hr
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Hey pizza lovers! Welcome to this 2 in 1 training (Pizza & Sourdough Bread).

If you would like to bake your perfect pizza at home using a standard domestic oven and ingredients from your local supermarket, then this course is for you.

I have been making pizzas for many years and I have reached a level where my pizzas taste better than any commercial pizza.

This is why, I decided to create this course to help all pizza lovers make their own pizza exactly the way they like.

Besides showing you how to make a perfect, crunchy and chewy pizza crust, I will also share my own secret pizza sauce recipe that is so good, you can use it for pasta and many other dishes too. It tastes amazing and it is cheaper and better than any ready made pizza sauce.

And if all that is not enough, I will show you how to utilise the heating time and energy to bake a tasty sourdough loaf of bread while your pizza stone is heating up, so you end up with homemade bread for only the cost of flour and yeast, because you are already spending the time and electricity or gas for your pizza (saving you time and money).

And just to make things super easy, your sourdough bread will be created using the exact ingredients and steps to make your pizza dough, i.e. nothing else to learn, only what you've learnt to make your pizza dough.

I have also included a link where you can view the main cooking items I used for making pizza in case you need to purchase any which would help you replicate my cooking method.

Here is a summary of this training;

  • Learn to make pizza dough.

  • Learn to make pizza sauce.

  • Learn to make sourdough bread at the same time while you wait for the pizza stone to heat up.

  • Learn to make the perfect crunchy and chewy crust.

  • Learn to make professional pizza.

  • Easy to follow Step-By-Step professional training.

Look forward to see you inside the course.

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