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Learning Soldering: Through Hole & Surface Mount Components Coupon
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[25% Off] Learning Soldering: Through Hole & Surface Mount Components Course Coupon

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A Beginner's Guide to hand solder both through hole and surface mount components like a professional

3.0 hr
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Soldering is required in all electronics manufacturing and repair operations. It can be applied to very small components on Printed Circuit Boards or on larger electromechanical assemblies. The techniques are similar but the soldering iron, tip, and solder type may be different for each application.

In any electronic product, components are attached using solder, a metal compound that melts at a low enough temperature to be able to be worked by hand or machine.

Whether you are prototyping a new product, manufacturing a product at scale, or working on a project in your spare time, you will need to learn how to solder in order to create the electrical and mechanical connections that make it all work.

The basic procedure involves applying a sufficient amount of heat to the two surfaces being joined together. This could be a component lead and a PCB, or a wire lead and a metal terminal, like those found on a switch or another wire termination. The amount of heat required will be dependent on the thermal mass of the materials and the type of solder being used.

Quality solder joints are a combination of proper technique and proper equipment and materials. The technique is a learned process that is optimized through experience.

In this course, learn about the tools and techniques needed to make great solder connections. Plus, get troubleshooting tips, including how to fix a cold solder joint and repair a mistake in a PCB.

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