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 Learning from sport burnout and overtraining  Coupon
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[100% Off] Learning from sport burnout and overtraining Free Course Coupon

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The course is introduced by sport psychologist Kate Goodger. She is one of the most experienced performance psychologists in British Olympic sport having worked with athletes at seven Olympic Games and has researched burnout extensively.

24.0 hr
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The course will give you a deeper understanding of physical and mental aspects of dedicated training such as athletic identity, overtraining, motivational climate and perfectionism. You’ll also explore a number of factors affecting burnout which will lead you to understanding what contributes to sporting environments that are more likely to prevent burnout. Through being introduced to a number of sport psychology ideas you will have a better understanding of your own work or training situation and the balance between physical and emotional stress and recovery. After completing this course, you should be able to: understand what burnout and overtraining are, the relationship between them and how it can affect athletes and coaches slightly differently describe the main factors influencing burnout and some of the key theories and models used to explain it in sport psychology evaluate coach and parents contribution to the motivational climate in sport and how they can help prevent burnout and overtraining identify strategies to help prevent and manage sport burnout and overtraining.
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