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Duration: 3.0 hours

Success in life is a personal Journey for you to take and this course will equip you with the formula or success

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As part of our Personal Development and Purpose in life , we want to be successful , there is no doubt about that. Yet Why is the subject quite tricky? Why Some are successful , While others are not ? Is there a certain path to follow in order to be successful ? Can we formulate a recipe for Success ??

All of these question are going to be addressed in this course in which you will learn key important aspects for success and Purpose in life along with the Formula to success ! Yes ! A formula ! Such as 1+1 =2

This Recipe for success took a while to pin down in such an equation and i hope this course will supplement your own journey to Succeed in life !

It is important to understand that many concepts out there are mainly tailored to convey a certain image of success but the true nature of success is within your reach , it is often found in various elements of your daily life and with this course you will be equipped with a tool that will help you view things in a different context and kick start your journey to success based on your own terms and in line with your life !

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