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Tajweed Made Easy (Theory)
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Course Instructor:
Abu Muhammad Arif Abdulaziz
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[100% Off] Learn Tajweed A-Z with Easy Steps Udemy Coupon

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Tajweed Made Easy is proud to present the first in a series of learning Tajweed for beginners and even teachers!

In this series of videos we will learn the basics of the theory of Tajweed. In the Tajweed theory lessons, we will go over the different rules such as the meem, laam and noon saakinah, different madds, characteristics and articulation points of the letters as well as the different places you can and can’t start and stop in the Quran.

In completion of the course students will be able to recognize why certain words are pronounced in specific ways. We highly recommend that students take our upcoming Qur’aan Made Easy course to put these rules into practice. In the practical lessons, we will learn how to correctly recite Surah Al-Faatiha, and complete Juzz ‘Amma Inshaa Allah. 

Don’t forget, if you like the course then share it with others. It’s absolutely FREE! And remember the saying of the Prophet (peace be upon him): “The one who guides to good, is like the one who does it”. 🙂

Instructors: Abu Muhammad Arif Abdulaziz

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