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Learn OpenGL Programming for Graphics and Games Coupon

[100% Off] Learn OpenGL Programming for Graphics and Games Free Course Coupon

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Lear how to program and create your own graphics using OpenGL

3.0 hr
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OpenGL is one of the most sought-after software skills when it comes to rendering of 2D or 3D vector graphics. It is a cross-language, cross-platform application programming interface (API). This API is used for interaction with the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) as this interaction would help one achieve accelerated rendering.

Our course in OpenGL is not only useful for beginners who are just starting to lay their hands-on OpenGL, but for advanced developers as well who have been in this genre for quite a long time by refreshing the terminologies which are not generally used but are essential. Some key highlights of the course are as follows:

  • In this OpenGL Training Certification, we would start with the basics of OpenGL so that the learner is well aware of the standard libraries and terminologies associated with the world of OpenGL.

  • Next, we would learn about Vertex Buffers in OpenGL. Vertex Buffer is used in OpenGL for uploading the vertex data and this residing of data in the video device memory enhances the performance and finally enables the easier rendering of a video device.

  • Next, we would also have code organization in OpenGL which will enable the learner to develop an organized code by taking into account various abstraction techniques. Lastly in this particular section, we would also encounter a project which is a simple renderer to give a real experience of the rendering technique.

  • In the final section, we would go through textures. Textures are an important section in OpenGL as it is an aspect of decoration of a 3D object typically. But it is also possible to have 1D and 2D textures as well. Having textures allows the program to store bulk data in GPU. In this section, we would also go through various techniques of transformation like GLM, Projection Matrix, and many such others and finally laying our hands on ImGUI which is critically used for building games where we have to re-render and check for clicks on every frame.

  • Everyone is talking about open GL but let’s start with What is open GL? Open GL is one of the most famous and commonly used graphic API that is used for the development of computer games, complex visualization, simulations, puzzles, etc. It can be said is the collections of methods and functions that are used in the development and programming of computer gaming simulation technologies and visualizations that are in high demand these days. The most important feature of open GL is that it enables users to get access to GPU. It helps to harness the importance of GPU in a single go which makes it even faster from other applications to run and implement the programs. API is an application programming interface that enables users to have an interface between the program and the application for which the program has been developed.

    Open GL is a cross-platform in nature which means it can be run on any OS and it is one of the easiest graphic API to learn and one of the highest demanding API in industry.

  • A person gets ample learnings in this OpenGL Training Certification as the structure of the curriculum is highly diverse. Some of the key skills and technologies which one will learn through this course are in the first half of the course one will get understanding about what is open GL like it will cover the basics and basic introduction of open GL what it is and what all things are there in open GL. Once he or she becomes familiar with the basics then the next part which comes into the picture is vertex buffers which is an important part of open GL after that code organization and texturing that helps in increasing the aesthetics visualizations of the games and simulation. As the technology is going to be used for the formation of video and computing games so it is required that the games and the simulation must be appealing in nature, so to make them appealing texturing and code organization are used.


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