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Learn English Vocabulary and How to Use Them In Sentences Coupon
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[25% Off] Learn English Vocabulary and How to Use Them In Sentences Course Coupon

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Understand each English vocabulary word and how to actually use it correctly in sentences.

1.0 hr
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This course is for anyone that wants to build their functional English vocabulary the right way. I will teach you not only how to say each new vocabulary word but also its part of speech, definition and how to use it in a sentence. Using video to show the context of each word will help you visually understand each new vocabulary word and deepen your understanding. You can also see how I fluently read each sentence to help build your natural English fluency .

This course will help you learn and remember each vocabulary word though video, sound and through practice. Each lesson has a worksheet pack to help you master each word in an organized way.

Each lesson is about 10 minutes and perfect for someone to study every day. Building vocabulary should not be overwhelming. Many students attempt to learn too many words at once and cannot keep them all in their memory. With this approach you can easily remember each word.

This course follows my past courses here on Udemy. To have the best experience I recommend completing:

1. Learn to Read English with an American Accent.

2. Your First English Writing Course: Basics for Writing 1

If you have completed the past courses or have a basic understanding of English and sentence construction, this is the course to help you build your vocabulary and create more intelligent sentences that are more accurate and expressive.

Each lesson will teach you:
1. 20 New English Vocabulary Words.

2. The parts of speech for each word.

3. How to correctly pronounce each word.

4. The definition of each word.

5. A sentence using each word that matches a video representation to help you learn the context.

6. How to fluently speak each sentence in English.

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