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Learn C++ from scratch in Arabic - for beginners Coupon

[25% Off] Learn C++ from scratch in Arabic - for beginners Course Coupon

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للمبتدئين C++ تعلم لغة

3.0 hr
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In this course, you will learn the C++ programming language basics from A to Z in Arabic!

First of all, there is an introduction to know the content in something of details.

Then, start setting the environment up and write your first C++ program.

The next step is how to get a user input and print the output on your screen.

Then, we need to know what are variables and how to use them.

After that, we will know how to give variables their correct data types.

While printing output on screen we need to print spaces, new lines and more things that are detailed as scape sequences.

As we all need something to remind us what we previously wrote, we need some comments in our code!

And while trying to run or while running the program we may face errors. So, we need to know the types of errors we may face.

Our programs will do operations like summation, subtraction, division and more operations. So, we will know the arithmetic Operations & expressions.

No program without decision or repeating operation with different attributes, items which do that are called control structures:

  • if, else, else if statement & switch, case, default case statement

  • Loops (while, do-while, for)

We all like to write something once and use it as much as we need. Functions help us do that!

Function overloading makes us able to create multiple functions of the same name with different implementations.

We can't use any variable any where! There is something called variables’ scope which decide the scope we can use our variable in.

Then, we will know the difference between calling by value & calling by reference.

After that, will know what arrays are (one and multi-dimensional arrays) and how to use them.

And finally, const variables and dealing with C++ char and strings.

and during all of that, we will have some revision videos on these topics.

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