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Learn Azure Serverless Functions in a Weekend Coupon

[82% Off] Learn Azure Serverless Functions in a Weekend Course Coupon

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Mini Projects Included | Serverless Computing for Event Driven Applications | In-Demand Azure Cloud Skill

3.0 hr
15$ 84.99$
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This course is designed to teach you Azure Serverless Computing concepts with Azure Functions. The important concepts are intelligently crafted in such a way that you can complete this course within a weekend from start to end.

Important Concepts

  • Learn Azure Serverless Functions from scratch in a step-wise manner

  • Basic Concepts of Serverless Computing, Event-driven application, Azure Functions & Azure Service Bus

  • Learn an important and mandatory skill of Microsoft Azure's Serverless Computing

  • Azure Serverless Functions Interaction with Database Interaction

  • Azure Service Bus and Queue Bindings in Azure Serverless Functions

  • Sending Emails with Azure Functions

  • Version Control of Azure Functions with GitHub Actions Workflow

  • Azure Function Monitoring

  • Developing Transaction Management System

  • Azure Function Integrations

Serverless functions

Execute code—written in the language of your choice—with Azure Functions, an event-driven compute experience. Scale on-demand and pay only for the time your code is executed. Available as a managed service in Azure and Azure Stack, the open-source Functions runtime also works on multiple destinations, including Kubernetes, Azure IoT Edge, on-premises, and even in other clouds.

Precisely, The Azure Functions is an in-demand skill and this course is the one-stop solution to gain this absolutely important skill for getting a nice project at your work or increase the chances of a getter you a better paying job.

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